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Welcome to Boostin of Crushridge! We are a PvP guild looking for serious and skilled PvPers to fill our ranks. If you think you are a good fit for Boostin, please fill out our application!
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Rated BG Strategy Help

Boostinweb, Jan 7, 11 5:30 AM.
I have now created a thread inside the PvP section of our forums dedicated to BG strategies. Use this to your advantage. Read up on what is posted. If you have an idea for a strat that you think would work, post it so we can give feedback!


Boostinweb, Jan 7, 11 5:28 AM.
With the Tol Barad "exploit" nerfed, players who didnt take advantage of it are extremely undergeared and way behind. Do what it takes to get up there with the rest of the pack. If you need help or have a question, ASK!!!!

Rated BG Announcement

Boostinweb, Jan 3, 11 2:07 PM.
A 2,500 resilience minimum is required to come to guild rated BGs hosted by our premade leaders. Get at least 2500 or no invite. Its so easy to farm gear with this Tol Barad "exploit". Use it to your advantage! =) Happy gearing!
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